Agrosil-S  - will significantly improve the quality of your silage



Agrosil-S  - is prepared only of bacterial components -  containing  two homofermentative lactic acid bacteria strains of  Lactobacillius plantarum.


Those strains have been isolated for use as a silage inoculum and not genetically modified.


The use of Agrosil-S  results an intensive formation of lactic acid,

A significantly and fast lowering of pH value  as well is a very important issue.


Unwanted, but harmful bacteria such as clostridia, which are responsible for fermentation losses and can damage the sensitive silage are also reduced.


Agrosil-S results in an  increased energy-and nutrient-rich, hygienic silage. That being an ideal forage for feeding of dairy cows.


Proper use of Agrosil-S will lead to significant and fast results such as :


--- reduce of  fermentation losses

--- increased feed intake

--- increased milk production

--- improved milk quality


                                           = Higher efficiency 

                                           = Higher return

                                           = Higher profits!